2007-11-30 , Friday , Sunny
AI file thumb fix added in the download column, you can see the AI file image thumbnail with it now, and if you are using Adobe Illustrator CS3, see the extra tip on my blog.
2007-11-11 , sunday , Sunny
FlvPlayer V2.0 released , and it's perfect now.
2006-6-16 , Friday , Sunny
Have troubles in playing FLV videos ? Why don't you Use the FlvPlayer ? Get it in the download column.
2006-5-29 , Monday , Sunny
The AD of handphone KTF-X5000 , I like it's style and music.
2006-4-27 , Thursday , Cloudy
Unlocker1.8.1 and TweakUI added in the download column, try them yourself. :)
2006-4-10 , Monday , Cloudy
As we know, Lame is the best mp3 encoder, this version 3.90 is not newer, but it contains a interface for windows.
2005-12-18 , Sunday , Sunny
Jugglor Evaluation added , you can make your Flash file individualitily with it.
2005-12-1 , Thursday , Sunny
PSD file thumb fix added in the download column, you can see the PSD file image thumbnail with it now.
2005-11-3 , Thursday , Cloudy
Flash Album Creator added , you can creat your cool flash album easily now.
2005-10-10 , Monday , Sunny
Four cool DEMOs added , they are the coalescent of technology and art.
2004-10-26 , Tuesday , Sunny
Cat's show Blog used ! click here to view it.
2004-7-22 , Thursday , Sunny
Working in Wuxi temporary , and I miss Xiu so much. A best Mp3 Kissy Kissy singed by Cherry added , this format is not familiar in the internet. I wish you'll like it.
2004-4-20 , Thursday , Sunny
HOT !! Raincat V2.0 source added , click here to get it now . I'am sorry this website has not be updataed for a long time , waitting for the new version.....
2003-11-13 , Thursday , Fine day
Six musics on the home page have been replaced , and the first one "Super Star" is from S.H.E.'s new album which has the same name ˇ¶Super Starˇ·.
2003-10-26 , Saturday , Sunshine
The host has a problem several days ago , now it's ok. Winamp 2.81 english version is added , and it contains the Mp3PRO audio decoder for Winamp. Winamp may lost one channel when paly Mp3PRO audios without this decoder. It's perfect and I like this version very much. I hope you will enjoy and like it.
2003-10-03 , Sunday , Cloudy day
Somebody like the old version's guestbook , I put the ASP code in the download columnlist , help you self :)
2003-09-13 , Sunday , Fine day
RAINCAT.NET version 2.0 finished ! Maybe there'are some bugs here , so testing meanwhile . Thanks for the friends who support and encourage me.